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If your flat or house is leasehold it is crucial that the length of the lease term is preserved in order to protect the value and marketability of your property.  Many buyers and mortgage lenders will not accept leases with less than 50-60 years left to run which may in turn make your property much more difficult to sell. 

If your lease is short term, in the majority of cases, you will have certain rights to extend the lease, whether by informal agreement with  your landlord or by formal application following a statutory procedure.

Our solicitors have extensive experience of these issues and can provide legal advice on all of the problems and pitfalls of this complex area of law. Our residential property department has solicitors based across both our London and High Wycombe offices.

When a lease extension is granted, the premium payable is arrived at through a technical calculation. We will and do work closely with chartered surveyors to achieve the best arrangement for you in the circumstances.

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Our Lease Extension Team

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